• Elephant Cross GmbH
  • Anara_Simone_Läng

    ANARA fairtrade Zurich

    Sustainable Jewelry
    And Accessories
    from Southern Countries

    «Our goal: Fashion and Design
    that makes all people involved happy!»

    - Simone Läng, Ethnologist and Founder of ANARA Fairtrade

    Now exhibited in our Showroom

  • Hello India

    Hello India, Uster




    «Die Faszination für Indien begleitet uns seit
    20 Jahren. Nun möchten wir sie durch den Verkauf
    von nachhaltigen Produkten mit anderen teilen.»

    - Manuela Frescura & Aschi Meyer

    Jetzt neu im Faircustomer Showroom

  • Dourgame Nadiene Riera

    DoUrGame, Zürich

    Du individuell?
    Dein Spiel auch!

    «Die nachhaltige Spiel-, Partyidee
    für jeden Anlass zum Individualisieren!

    - Nadine Riera, Gründerin

  • Sprossensamen

    Sprossensamen.ch, Mehlsecken

    Home grown

    fresh sprouts

    «Fresh, home grown sprouts are much more
    intense in taste and rich in vital substances.»

    - Marco Vonmoos, CEO of Sprossensamen.ch

  • Ginga Ethical Clothing, Basel

    Ginga Ethical Clothing, Basel



    «Ginga is a clothing brand
    which enhances the creativity and work
    of people with Down Syndrome.»

    - Barbara Ortins, Founder

  • Holzcards.com_Reto_Graf
  • dukta

    dukta flexible wood, Zürich



    «Sound-absorbing, flexible, stylish.
    The dukta cutting technique
    opens up new horizons.»

    - Serge and Pablo Lunin, founders

  • Chleiderei SChweiz - Nachhaltige Kinderkleider

    Chleiderei Schweiz, Speicher

    Children's clothes

    that grow

    «Kids can grow up happy
    because their clothes can too!»

    - Manuela Gübeli, Founder

  • upcycle-it

    upcycle-it, Biberist


    everyday objects

    into designer lamps

    «I enjoy creating new things from used material
    and I love sharing it with others.»

    - Thomas Baumberger, Founder

  • gia's remedies  SARAH KIM LANDERT

    gia's remedies, Fribourg

    100% natural, vegan
    and free of animal

    «We are minimalistic and want a clear
    overview of our ingredients. Our products are
    more efficient, safer and of better quality.»

    - Sarah Kim Landert, Founder

  • Atelier Ariadne

    Atelier Ariadne, Spiez

    Vibrant colours

    made from herbs

    «The goal is to create meaningful jobs
    for eight people with disabilities.»

    - Bettina Trösch, founder or Atelier Ariadne

  • Trash to Fashion, Wyssion

    Trash2fashion, Philippines / Schaffhausen, Switzerland

    From waste to
    fashion and more

    «Five women develop upcycled jewellery & bags
    which makes them financially more independent.
    The project includes a computer camp for their children.»

    - Jürg Wyss, initiator of a private development project

  • Andrea Manchen / Swiss Advance

    Swiss Advance, Zug

    A thing of beauty is
    a joy forever

    «We make our outdoor products from
    durable and reusable materials in Swiss social
    institutions and through fair trade.»

    - Andrea Manchen, Designer by Swiss Advance

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