• naturschatz

    Naturschatz, Paspels, Switzerland

    Treasures from the

    alps for your home.

    «I produce everything by hand and with love.
    I want to preserve the vitality of the products
    and give pleasure to those who use them.»

    - Sarah Schatz, entrepreneur

  • Startrampe

    lifetime health GmbH, Wetzikon

    Practical for more
    Movement and less
    rubbish in everyday life

    «In our studio, we have a workshop...
    specially created products with care and
    Joy made by hand.»

    Martin Schaub, Vocational Integration Program Start ramp

  • Martine Fetz, treat you

    treat you, Zurich

    Hammam towels
    that preserve
    weaving techniques

    «I would like to help Turkish small weavers,
    to preserve their traditions.»

    - Martine Fetz, Apothekerin und Social Entrepreneur

  • Chleiderei SChweiz - Nachhaltige Kinderkleider

    Chleiderei Schweiz, Speicher

    Children's clothes

    that grow

    «Kids can grow up happy
    because their clothes can too!»

    - Manuela Gübeli, Founder

  • upcycle-it

    upcycle-it, Biberist


    everyday objects

    into designer lamps

    «I enjoy creating new things from used material
    and I love sharing it with others.»

    - Thomas Baumberger, Founder

  • Holzcards.com_Reto_Graf

    HOLZcards.com, Rüti


    postcards made out

    of wood

    «Sending real messages is so much
    more memorable than a texting...»

    - Reto Graf, founder

  • gia's remedies  SARAH KIM LANDERT

    gia's remedies, Fribourg

    100% natural, vegan
    and free of animal

    «We are minimalistic and want a clear
    overview of our ingredients. Our products are
    more efficient, safer and of better quality.»

    - Sarah Kim Landert, Founder

  • Atelier Ariadne

    Atelier Ariadne, Spiez

    Vibrant colours

    made from herbs

    «The goal is to create meaningful jobs
    for eight people with disabilities.»

    - Bettina Trösch, founder or Atelier Ariadne

  • Sprossensamen

    Sprossensamen.ch, Mehlsecken

    Home grown

    fresh sprouts

    «Fresh, home grown sprouts are much more
    intense in taste and rich in vital substances.»

    - Marco Vonmoos, CEO of Sprossensamen.ch

  • Elephant Cross GmbH

    Elephant Cross GmbH, Zurich

    High quality,

    sustainable scarves

    from India

    «Our scarves bring together the Indian
    love for designs and colours and the Swiss
    standard for quality and sustainability.»

    - Suniti Kapoor Keller & Dominic Keller, Elephant Cross

  • Simply Seagreens

    Simply Seagreens, Muri by Bern


    from the sea

    and more

    We love the sea. Sea algae are with us
    and little known and that's too bad. They are
    incredibly rich in minerals, proteins and roughage.

    - Madlen Witzig & Markus Birrer

  • Jumnien Slider

    Jumnien bags & more, Neftenbach

    cork bags
    and wallets

    «They are supporting sustainable resources
    and enable women to do self-determined work.»

    - Jumnien Holubec, Management

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  • Slider

    le bambousier, Basel

    A bamboo bike
    from Switzerland?

    Yes, we made one!

    «When I got a bamboo wheel in the Philippines
    I wanted to find out if it was possible to make
    one here with local bamboo.»

    - Tobias Wiesinger, le bambousier

  • Art for Hope

    Art for Hope

    Art work that
    makes women
    financially independent

    «We support single, marginalized women
    in Tajikistan»

    - Verica Puzderliska Greuter, Art for Hope

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