• Ginga Ethical Clothing, Basel

    Ginga Ethical Clothing, Basel



    «Ginga is a clothing brand
    which enhances the creativity and work
    of people with Down Syndrome.»

    - Barbara Ortins, Founder

  • Xquisite

    Xquisit Design, Zürich

    Casual Chic: human

    hergestellt und bio-
    logisch abbaubar.

    «Für Xquisit würde ich mir wünschen, dass viele Frauen
    auf der Strasse und überall unsere moderne, elegante
    und ‚saubere‘ Kleidung tragen und sich darin wohl fühlen»

    - Didem Ray de Latour, vom Gründer-Duo

  • Slider

    le bambousier, Basel

    A bamboo bike
    from Switzerland?

    Yes, we made one!

    «When I got a bamboo wheel in the Philippines
    I wanted to find out if it was possible to make
    one here with local bamboo.»

    - Tobias Wiesinger, le bambousier

  • Chleiderei SChweiz - Nachhaltige Kinderkleider

    Chleiderei Schweiz, Speicher

    Children's clothes

    that grow

    «Kids can grow up happy
    because their clothes can too!»

    - Manuela Gübeli, Founder

  • Elephant Cross GmbH

    Elephant Cross GmbH, Zurich

    High quality,

    sustainable scarves

    from India

    «Our scarves bring together the Indian
    love for designs and colours and the Swiss
    standard for quality and sustainability.»

    - Suniti Kapoor Keller & Dominic Keller, Elephant Cross

  • Gluecksbaby.ch / Kuikilana

    Gluecksbaby.ch, Hombrechtikon

    For the whole family, natural
    and local

    «Cloth diapers are more breathable
    and more skin-friendly.»

    Anna Heller, Gluecksbaby.ch

  • Salome von Brüning Boutique ungewohnt 2

    Salome von Brüning, Boutique unusual, Richterswil

    We produce
    Favourite pieces

    «Each person is unique, so are
    our products. We refine fabrics that are used in
    of Switzerland will be produced for you locally.»

    - Salome von Brüning, Managing Director

  • Jumnien Slider

    Jumnien bags & more, Neftenbach

    cork bags
    and wallets

    «They are supporting sustainable resources
    and enable women to do self-determined work.»

    - Jumnien Holubec, Management

    Now new in the Faircustomer Showroom!

  • Würzmeister
  • Social Fabric

    Social Fabric, Zurich




    «We drive economic and social change through
    transparent, socially and ecologically
    sustainable business.»

    - Justine Portenier

  • Jeannette Büsser, Fairjeans
  • Wattable

    Wattable, Yverdon-les-Bains

    95% der Zeit bleibt

    Ihr Gartentisch


    «Und wenn er Strom produzieren würde?»

    - Isabelle Aeschlimann

  • Verein Ecuadorhilfe
  • Pipiza total kindisch!
  • Rehaswiss
  • Lemuel Swiss
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