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  • Cutting/ serving boards

    Wooded cutting boards, bread boards, bread boxes and serving boards made from local wood- solid craftsmanship from Swiss social workshops. The bread cutting boards come in square, round and other shapes, some with grooves and crumb tray. See also coaster, shells, boxes, wood upcycling and other products from wood.

  • Kitchen towels

    Hand and kitchen towels from linen. Handwoven or hand-printed items from social institutions. The materials used are organic cotton, linen and other fairtrade fabrics. See also aprons, bath towels, dining places, sustainable bedding.

  • Glasses and carafes

    Beautiful drinking glasses, carafes and other glassware made from recycled waste glass as well as hand-blown, coloured bowls from a fairtrade project also made from melted recycled glass. See also Bottles, Drinking.

  • Cutlery
    A small but stylish assortment made in local workshops, social workshops or from regenerativ materials such as bamboo.
  • Coasters

    Coasters made from wood, felt, glass or recycled materials such as maps or old books. A special decorative idea that also protects your furniture.

  • pepper mills
  • vases & bowls

    Schalen, Gläser und Vasen aus verschiedenen Materialien, hergestellt in sozialen Einrichtungen oder unter Fair Trade Bedingungen.

  • aprons
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item