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  • Cushions, pillows, covers

    Here you can order a selection of cushions, pillows and covers from Swiss suppliers: pillows for the bed, sofa cushions, cherry stone cushions, meditation cushions etc. made from organic cotton, linen, down, felt or raw silk. Lovingly handmade by fairtrade projects or social institutions in Switzerland. See also blankets, bedding, garden cushions.

  • Bedlinen, sheets

    One third of life is spent sleeping. Our fine organic cotton or silk bedding ensures a sense a good night's rest and is certified organic and produced according to fairtrade criteria. See also Blankets , Pillows , Pajamas and Beds .

  • Blankets

    Alpaca wool blankets, organic cotton knit blankets, soft duvets, baby blankets for toddlers and hand-woven coverings- each one-of-a-kind. See also Cushion and Bedding .